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                  Dressel Outlet Boxes with Integral POINTS!
 Unfortunately are on indefinite back order!
     We are hoping to have them back in stock soon. 
  Electricians ask, "What's the point (pardon the pun) of making outlet boxes with POINTS!? "
 Dressel Outlet Boxes with Integral POINTS! permit drywall hangers to mark for cutouts with-out the need for any measuring.
"Hang first and cut second."  can be changed to "Cut first and hang second." With POINTS! on the box, special tools to mark for the cutout sites will not be needed, but only if they "Cut first
and hang second." If they just try it once, they will never want to go back to the old way of hanging.
   "So, we pay extra for  boxes but the 'rockers' reap the benefit?"
  Electricians will benefit indirectly:
  • Have POINTS! as an integral part of the box!
  • Cost nothing extra; so electricians have nothing to lose
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Dressel Outlet Boxes
 with Integral POINTS!
  • By there being no more 'buried' boxes
  • By savings in time and money due to lost work time, wear and tear of equipment, and gasoline
  • ​Better working relations with both the general contractor and the drywall hangers
  • Lower cost of boxes (price shown is only an estimate but we are working to produce boxes that can be sold for less.

Meanwhile, drywall hangers can expect:
  • Saved money from wasted​ sheets of drywall and paneling
  • Fewer 'buried' boxes
  • Fewer over-sized cutouts