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I am the "Toolmaester"! And I guarantee that after using POINTS! , you'll also discover what it's like to make perfect, multiple cut outs in drywall, plywood, paneling or even OSB (but it's pretty hard with OSB unless you place the smooth side against the wall). And by installing our Safety Ladder, you have assurred that no one using them will ever have that ladder tip over and possibly injur themselves. Once you've done these jobs, you, too, will know what it's like to enter the "Toolmaester Zone"!
I closed up the ceiling of my new bedroom with plywood (because of our wet climate). As you can see, POINTS! located the cut outs perfectly. As we advertise, POINTS! aren't just for electrical outlet cut outs. This level of precision is simply impossible with any other product and there's no way that measuring can be perfect enough for perfect results EVERY time. 
Only POINTS! can do what you see below!
                                                                                                                                                                                     ATTIC SAFETY LADDER
                                                                                                                                                                             June 6:   We’ve added comment in
                                                                                                                                                                             an article about attic pull-down
                                                                                                                                                                             stairs by Andy Engel of This
                                                                                                                                                                             Old House Magazine, he reported
                                                                                                                                                                             how Tom Silva suffered a serious
 injury while trying to find out why a set of pull-down attic stairs was not working properly. After a loose screw came free, the spring popped with
 Tom falling and injuring his foot, putting him on crutches for the next six months. 
   Much worse could have happened and does happen (by the thousands!) every year on either improperly installed or poorly maintained folding attic ladders. If fact, if you ask most home inspectors (I have asked at least half a dozen), they will unanimously tell you that the folding pull-down ladder is, consistently, the most the most dangerous part of the inspection...so much so that many will not complete the attic inspection if the ladder appears to be unsafe while others use their own ladder to access the attic.
   I experienced a similarly dangerious event when a step ladder tipped and fell over while I was trying to acces my attic through the hatch. While hanging from the 10' high hatch rim, I realized I could have hurt myself the same as Tom or worse! And I also wondered it there wasn't some special kind of attic access ladder available that had neither the dangers of the pull-down ladder or the easy tippability of a step ladder. So, just like the rest of America, I "Googled" for such a ladder and found there was nothing that even came close.
   So, right then and there, I sat down at my drafting table and started working on something that was SAFE, inexpensive, easy to install, and tip proof. Ultimately, I came up with a design that met all these criteria. And, as a bonus, the Attic Safety Ladder (patented 2017) did not make any alterations of the ceiling that would detract from the firewall and insulation specifications that are now almost universally part of the building code in the USA.
   If Tom Silva had been accessing the attic using Dressel Designs' Attic Safety Ladder, he would never have had the scary fall and injury described above. I would never have had a step ladder tip out from under me! And I truly believe, that if America switched over to our ASL, thousands of injuries (even many deaths) would be prevented every year.
   I have added some pics of the brackets I installed on the wall, just below the attic hatch. It was bonehead simple to do. I also added pics to answer a YouTube viewer comment that my videos were being used only for elevated garage cabinets that have always been a pain to access. That's a thing of the past and I need only ONE ladder. There is a set of brackets upstairs for the attic hatch and four more sets on the lower cabinet doors and wall in the garage. Since I have 9-1/2' ceilings, my ASL  is 7' and a little heavier than the standard 6' ladder (22.5# vs 18#). So, it's not so heavy that an average adult cannot easily move it from place to place.
   My wife does not like the appearance of the brackets on the wall; so, I have temporarily hung a 13" dressing mirror from it with plans to ultimately go to a wider mirror or a large poster.
   PS: These pictures are also in answer to the sharp eyed reviewer of our Facebook site who reported that the videos were not truly showing the ASL as an attic access ladder. As you all may imagine the wall mounted brackets keep the ladder from even a tiny bit of lateral movement.