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The Attic Safety Ladder
is demonstrated by a happy customer!
Click pic for You Tube demo
Click pic for You Tube demo
Basic ladder: 6 ft, ready for finishing with included sandpaper treading. There're also 7 and 8 ft models. The ladder pictured above is the 7 ft model. We suggest you order a model 2 ft lower than your ceiling height. You can purchase The Attic Safety Ladder only at www.dresseldesigns.com or www.batticdoor.com (starting 10/17).
6 ft = $99.35
7 ft = $107.50
8 ft = $115.90
Extra Bracket Set = $9.75

  • World's Safest Ladder can prevent thousands of falls
  • Portable, assembled, easy installation
  • Only one needed...simply install brackets wherever needed
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So, what's so good about
  The Attic Safety Ladder?
  • Tip-proof (guaranteed)
  • Prevent Fall Injuries; Save Lives
  • Save Money
  • Bonehead Easy Installation
  • Light Wt (6'=19.2 lbs, 7'=21.2 lbs, 8' 23.2 lbs) + 3 lb packaging
The World's Safest Ladder...It's Tip-proof!
Can be folded up against the wall to store after use or pull retainer pins, lift and move to use elsewhere!
Saves Lives!
Saves Money!
Light weight!
Easy Installation!
Prevents Falling Accidents!
House inspectors consider pull-down ladders the most dangerous place in the home!*

  • Extra Brackets (2 lbs./set)
  • Mobile (use wherever a set of brackets have been mounted)
  • No special framing needed
Sorry, we can't send you free "Sample" Ladders!
Update! See our commentary on the article written by Andy Engel of This Old House Magazine.
It's a true-life story of a member of the This Old House cast who was seriously injured by a faulty pull-down attic access ladder
Bonehead simple installation! Just attach two brackets* to the wall and your ladder is ready to use!
ANYWHERE you install a set of brack-ets, you can use the attic access ladder!!! 19" long so can always be screwed securely to a stud.