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All of the items shown are patented or patent pending by Marshall Dressel, MD. All patents and patents pending are owned by Dressel Designs, LLC with all rights reserved. Besides purchasing them on this website, only authorized dealers may resell or sell these products. Persons or companies who are not authorized to sell or resell or who make or market similar products which infringe upon the patents will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Three Brand NewUnique, and Revolutionary inventions that will shake the construction and safety industries to their cores!
(with ongoing additions to that list! and all found at www.dresseldesigns.com!)
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The World's Safest Ladder because it's Tip-proof!
Tiny Tools - Gigantic Results!
Attic Safety
        The World's Safest Ladder!
POINTS Mark The Spot!
Dressel Outlet Boxes
with Integral POINTS!