The Attic Safety Ladder!  
  • 160,000 hospital visits every year due to falls (World Health Organization)
  • 16,000 hospitalizations and 200-300 fatalities! 
  • 43% of falls associated with ladders at heights less than 10 ft!
  • Medical costs approach one billion dollars every year and is rising!
  • Lost wages/non-medical costs are over three billion dollars per year!
  • Dressel Designs is committed to promoting products and practices that are safe.

Dressel Outlet Boxes are finally ready for sales and distribution late this summer!

Dressel Designs, LLC is the sole manufacturer/distributor of POINTS Mark the Spot!Dressel Outlet Boxes
and the Attic Safety Ladder
All items patented/patent pending to Marshall Dressel. Owneship/all rights reserved by Dressel Designs, LLC.
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   Dressel Designs, LLC Making the Impossible Possible!
POINTS Mark the Spot! are the penultimate Drywall Cutout Marker tools!
Dressel Outlet Boxes with integral POINTS! make ALL cutout marker tools obsolete...
even POINTS Mark the Spot!
The Attic Safety Ladder makes homes safer and bigger (?!)
Any of our products with POINTS!  can simultaneously and perfectly mark the cutout sites for one, three, or 5...any number of electrical outlet boxes or any objects that require marking for a cutout
And after you mark and cut out multiple sites that are perfect in size and placement or make your home and kids much safer, or make your "Little House" more spaceous
~~~You, too, will enter the Toolmaester Zone!*
*"Toolmaester Zone!,"  like a "maester" in G.O.T., a "toolmaester"* is the penultimate expert in construction! Be "in the zone!"
 (*rhymes with food taster) See them in action! Visit
    Straight Version
POINTS Mark the Spot!
Tiny Tools - Gigantic Results!
Attic Safety Ladder
World's safest ladder!
  Read.....our.....lips"No more measuring
                                        for drywall cutouts!"
Imagine products that make cutouts for outlet boxes,
 vent ducts, plumbing stub-outs, anything is EASY!
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POINTS Mark the Spot!
 Corner Version
Dressel Outlet Boxes
 with integral POINTS!