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  • POINTS! perfectly locate and mark cutout sites for drywall, paneling, plywood, & OSB...every time. 
  • Our Attic Safety Ladder attaches firmly to the wall; so, it's portable and absolutely tip-proof!
  • On the Toolmaester's Page see my latest pics and a comment on a serious ladder injury suffered by Tom Silva, the general contractor from This Old House.
  • Purchase of all of our products is risk free!
Did you know?!

Our ladder insurance is the lowest in the industry by a factor of 20-100 times. That's because the UL Underwriters could not find any of the hazards that are common to 'other' ladders
World's safest ladder because it's tip-proof. Can be detached in seconds by pulling out the retaining pins and lifting. Light weight; so, it is easy to move to any other attic access where a set of brackets have been mounted on the wall. Use it and serious or fatal ladder related falls will become a thing of the past!
Tiny Tools - Gigantic Results!
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18 cu. in. boxes start at $0.34
6 ft ladders start at $199.60 but are currently being sold at the wholesale price!
The best drywall, plywood, OSB cutout marker tool for locating all kind and numbers of sites. at a fraction of the cost of competitors!
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